How old is your church and who founded it?


If you are a…


…Believer at the Vineyard Christian Fellowship, your denomination was started by Ken Gullickson and Keith Green in Santa Monica , California in 1974.


…Member of Calvary Chapel, Chuck Smith began your congregation in Costa Mesa , California in 1965.


…Follower of the Church of Scientology, your group owes is origin to L.Ron Hubbard in Washington , D.C. in 1952.


…Worshipper at the Iglesia in Cristo, Felix Manalao instituted your sect in the Philippines in 1914.


…Disciples of the Assemblies of God or other splinter Pentecostal groups, your religion is one of the hundreds of new sect founded by men during the 20th century.


Christian Scientist, your organization was brought into existence by Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy in 1879


Jehovah’s Witness, your church was established by Charles Taze Russell in Pennsylvania in 1879.


Seventh Day Adventist, Mrs. Ellen Gould White inaugurated your group in the United States in 1860.


Mormon (Latter Day Saints), your religion was organized in New York by Joseph Smith in 1830.


Methodist, your form of Protestantism traces its beginning to John Wesley in London in 1738.


Baptist, you look to John Smyth as originator of your institution in Amsterdam in 1609.

Presbyterian, John Calvin is credited with initiating your congregation in Switzerland in 1555.


…Adherent of the Anglican or Episcopalian Church, your religion dates back to King Henry VIII in England in 1533.


…Member of the Orthodox Church (Russian, Eastern or Greek), your church went into schism in 1054.


Roman Catholic, your Church was founded in Jerusalem by Jesus Christ (Acts 2, 1 Tim. 3:15) with Peter as its first Pope (Mt. 16: 18-19, Jn. 21:15-17) in the year 33 A.D.S